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Let’s discover the joy of cooking together!

I’m Izabela and I really love cooking. I spend a lot of time in my lovely kitchen working on new recipes which now I would like to share with you. I am the oldest of my 5 siblings and I was helping my mum in the kitchen to feed our “little family” :). That’s how it all started. When I cooked my first tomato soup it was more like rice pudding… I wasn’t aware that it will end up like this; I was just giving more and more rice as I thought the soup is poor in rice, but after several minutes the pudding was ready. Also, my first apple pie was such a cute sad layer. These are my first cooking memories from childhood and I love them so much. I can say that I’ve improved my cooking skills a lot since that time. Now, I would like to show you how to feed your family. I am using seasonable ingredients. My recipes are easy and step by step, so that you can cook rice soup and not a pudding… :).
I am a happy wife and mum, so I know how important it is to eat healthy, homemade meals.