Kids friendly Hummus


  • 1 glass of cooked chickpea
  • 3 spoons of extra virgin olive
  • one garlic clove
  • salt, pepper and turmeric to taste
  • water left from cooked chickpea (don’t drain it off)


  1. Soak the chickpea at least for 8 hours ( best doing it overnight)
  2. Cook it for 45 minutes in proportion 1 glass of chickpea/2 glasses of water.
  3. Wait until it cools, then place the chickpea into the food processor, add other ingredients. The amount of water depends on the consistency you want to get. πŸ™‚

This hummus is kids friendly as it doesn’t contain common ingredients like sesame seeds or lemon juice that might cause allergy. You can prepare such cute little sandwiches for your child with this pasta! πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!